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Sara Moran

Sara Moran


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Reach for your dreams... A luxury mindset is not just about material possessions or financial wealth, but rather a way of thinking and living. It suggests that individuals who view the world through a lens of abundance, gratitude, and appreciation can experience a sense of luxury in everything they do, regardless of their circumstances.

This might mean finding joy in simple pleasures, cultivating meaningful relationships, or approaching challenges with a positive attitude. In short, luxury is less about what one has and more about how one sees and experiences the world.

I love to dream big!  As we grow up and grow families of our own, we tend to outgrow our spaces... I can help.  Then in almost no time at all, we blink and reverse course as everyone leaves the nest and we seek wonderful new experiences... again, I can help.  Wherever you are along the journey let's envision the path to achieve your dream property together. 

What you can expect from me: a Discerning Advantage in today’s real estate market.  Plenty of personal attention and discovery!  Best-in-class marketing, effective communication, principled negotiation, leading market information, and most importantly, an exceptional reputation to uphold.  Results matter!


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Sara's approach blends discreet and professional service with navigational insights and analysis that empower her client's decision-making ability. She always has her client's best interests at heart. Believing that moving isn't just changing addresses, but a whole 'next-chapter' journey, she joins those guiding forces to create a Happier Closing experience. Contact Sara today!